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The Cat Act 2011 is now in effect in the City of Canning and throughout Western Australia.

This means that all cats that are 6 months of age or older, have to be;

  • Microchipped,
  • Sterilised, and
  • Registered with the local government in which the cat resides in.

Cats are now required to wear a collar and a current registration tag.

This will help in safely returning your cat if it is ever lost, handed in to the City of Canning, or is picked up by one of our Officers.

If the owner of a cat cannot be identified, the cat may be treated as either being feral, stray or abandoned, and will be transported to a Cat Management Facility dealing with unowned cats.

Cat owners found not to be compliant with these requirements may face a $200 infringement and fines of up to $5000 if prosecuted.

Application to register a cat

Frequently asked questions

For more information visit the website of the Department of Local Government and Communities

Please note: Email and faxed copies of Cat Registrations can be accepted.


Change of Ownership

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