Community Plan



What is the Strategic Community Plan?

The Strategic Community Plan is one of many tools that will guide the future direction of our City. The Plan is broad, with a long term focus and strong emphasis on the community’s visions, goals and strategies to achieve a City we are proud of. The Strategic Community Plan is part of the Integrated Planning Framework introduced by the Department of Local Government For more information on this:


How was the Strategic Community Plan Developed?

The City gathered the information on community characteristics using community profile data, a Community Perceptions Survey and a Speaker Series.  The community engagement phase comprised of 22 public events including: a Stakeholders’ Workshop, Photovoice and Vox Pops, SpeakOuts, Sector Group Workshops, Online engagement, an Accountability Group and Canning Stories. The information from these events was then analysed and considered. It helped shape the draft Strategic Community Plan which was open for public comment between 22 October and 30 November 2012.

Generally, many people felt that the Strategic Community Plan reflects the hopes and aspirations of the City of Canning’s community well to very well. Many are hoping to see the vision realised, looked forward to seeing the detail on how it will be achieved and how achievement will be measured.


What happens next?

The Strategic Community Plan has been adopted by Council and is now available to download here:  Strategic Community Plan 792.31 Kb.

You can also pick up a copy at the Administration Building (Cnr George St West and Albany Highway) or any of the City’s libraries.

The City will be working on key strategies and plans which identify the resourcing capacity and actions needed to realise the community’s vision set out in the Strategic Community Plan.  These strategies and plans are the: Corporate Business Plan, Long Term Financial Plan, Asset Management Plan, Risk Management Plan and Workforce Plan.