Conservation & Environment

CAN001Shelley Rossmoyne Foreshore

The City of Canning actively manages 42 natural wetland, river and bushland sites ranging from 0.2 to 40 hectares in size. These areas are considered key assets of the City as they:

  • Provide beautiful places for the community to visit and enjoy,
  • Offer protection to remnant vegetation communities,
  • Provide habitat for a wide variety of wildlife, and
  • Help to sustain important ecological functions and processes.

Some of the most important natural areas within the City include:

  • Bannister Creek,
  • Canning River Regional Park,
  • McDowell Street Bushland,
  • Queens Park Bushland, and
  • Shelley Rossmoyne Foreshore.

You can learn more about how the City of Canning manages and protects the environment by browsing the links below, visiting the City’s Canning River Eco Education Centre (CREEC) or coming along to the City’s next conservation and environment event.

CAN043 smallOrb Spider CAN042 smallPixie Mops (Petrophile linearis) CAN041 smallWestern Bearded Dragon
(Pogona minor minor)