Conservation of Significant Flora

The City helps to preserve specially protected flora species, listed as Threatened or Priority by the Department of Parks and Wildlife. Some of these species are described below:

CAN007 smallGrand Spider Orchid
(Caladenia huegelii)
Grand Spider Orchid (Caladenia huegelii)

The City's Natural Areas Team monitors several populations of the Threatened orchid Caladenia huegelii. Efforts by the Natural Areas Team have seen some of these populations increase in size over the past few years. Continual weed control and revegetation as well as fencing off the remaining populations will help to protect this unique orchid for the future.





CAN008 Sian-Mawson smallMacarthuria keigheryi.
Photo courtesy of Sian Mawson:
Friends of Queens Park Bushland.
Macarthuria keigheryi

Macarthuria keigheryi is a small erect or spreading shrub to 40 cm tall, only known from 6 populations in Western Australia. The species grows in some of the City's natural areas, although it is difficult to find as it dies back to its rootstock during summer. Protecting Macarthuria keigheryi from grazing animals, such as rabbits, and controlling weeds will assist the recovery of this species.










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