Fauna in our City

CAN005 smallBlack swans (Cygnus atratus)Black swan (Cygnus atratus)

Black swans are notable bird in the City, occupying many areas of the Canning River and wetland environments. Black swans in the region typically breed from May to September and produce an average of six offspring each brood. Black swans feed on aquatic vegetation and rely on undisturbed shoreline habitat for breeding. Ongoing maintenance of the foreshore and revegetation of degraded areas are activities the City undertakes to assist with the protection of this species.



CAN006 smallBobtail (Tiliqua rugosa)Bobtail (Tiliqua rugosa)

Bobtails can be found moving slowly or basking in the sun in many of the City's bushland areas. Bobtails breed in early summer and give birth to an average of two live young in autumn which usually remain with their mother for 1-2 years. Unfortunately, bobtails often fall prey to dog attacks and road accidents. Keeping dogs on leads and watching out for bobtails near bushland areas can help maintain populations of bobtails in the urban environment.



CAN039 smallTiger snake (Notechis scutatus)Tiger snake (Notechis scutatus)

Tiger snakes are venomous snakes found in vegetation around wetland areas in the City and often seen sunning themselves in open areas such as footpaths. Tiger snakes hunt small mammals, frogs and lizards. If you see a snake in a natural area or park, leave it alone and do not bother it in any way. If it doesn't move away, phone the City's Parks Conservation Officer who can arrange the Natural Areas Team to relocate it to a more suitable area. If you see a snake in another location, please call the Wildcare helpline on 9474 9055.





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