Help us make a Difference

You can help us to keep our natural areas healthy by:

  • Keeping to designated footpaths in natural areas,
  • Never picking native vegetation,
  • Keeping dogs on leads,
  • Confining cats to your property and keeping them inside at night,
  • Getting involved with your local environmental community groups,
  • Picking up litter and reporting rubbish dumping,
  • Disposing of garden refuse in your green bin and NOT in bushland areas,
  • Reporting suspected vegetation damage to the City, Swan River Trust or Department of Environment Regulation,
  • Avoiding fertiliser use on your garden,
  • Ensuring your garden and pond/aquarium plants do not escape into bushland or wetlands (use local plants instead!),
  • Reporting injured wildlife to a licensed wildlife carer or advising the City,
  • Reporting feral pests such as feral bees, feral cats and foxes to the City, and
  • Reporting illegal vehicles within natural areas to the City of Canning's Ranger and Community Safety Services (1300 422 664).

CAN027 mediumWillie Wagtail (Rhipidura lecuophrys)CAN043-2 mediumCowslip Orchid (Caladenia flava)