Local Environment Management Strategy



Environmental Community Group and Organisation Manual


The City of Canning is pleased to present the new Environmental Community Group and Organisation Manual. Environmental Community Groups and Organisations make a valuable contribution to natural area management in the City and the City is committed to supporting volunteers in their endeavours.


The main objectives of the Manual are to:


  • provide guidance on natural area management techniques;
  • outline roles and responsibilities;
  • outline the support and resources that the City can provide to groups;
  • provide advice on establishing new groups and managing existing groups;
  • describe the existing natural environment, threats and opportunities;
  • outline insurance and public liability requirements;
  • provide information on creating a safe working environment;
  • provide templates, website links and contacts to obtain further information;
  • provide guidance in potential funding and partnership opportunities; 
  • and outline training and professional development opportunities.


City officers are available to provide advice in relation to the Manual. Please do not hesitate to contact any of the following officers for assistance:


  • Matthew (Max) Box - Park Conservation Officer: 9231 0826
  • Amanda (Mandy) Strano - Park Conservation Officer: 9231 0826
  • Kathleen Ridgwell - Coordinator of Conservation and Environment: 9231 0628
  • Jenni Andrews - Coordinator of Conservation and Environment: 9231 0514
  • Hayley Bullimore, Noeleen Edwards and Tracy Lyon - Canning River Eco Education Centre: 9461 7160


It is well recognised and appreciated that many groups have a long established history of undertaking valuable conservation activities in the City and it is hoped that this Manual will help to enhance the mutually beneficial working relationships that exist.



CAN032Marri (Corymbia calophylla)