Dog Registration


Register your Dog

The ‘dog registration year’ begins on 1 November each year and expires on 31 October of the following year unless registrations are paid for a three (3) year period.

Registrations are valid throughout Western Australia, which means that during the period of the initial registration, a dog does not have to be registered again if an owner/s moves from one part of Western Australia to another. Email and faxed copies of Dog Registrations can be accepted.

Registration fees throughout Western Australia are as follows:

Unsterilised Dog 1 Year Registration $50
Unsterilised Dog 3 Year Registration $120
Unsterilised Dog Lifetime $250
Unsterilised Dog Lifetime (Pensioner) $125
Sterilised Dog 1 Year Registration $20
Sterilised Dog 3 Year Registration $42.50
Sterilised Dog Lifetime $100
Sterilised Dog Lifetime (Pensioner) $50


There is no ‘pro rata’ of the cost for the period of the Registration.

Concessions are available to holders of certain pensions i.e. 50% discount.

You may complete registration forms and pay the appropriate fees at the City of Canning’s Civic and Administration Centre during normal office hours.

Dog Registration Form

If you are unable to register your dog in person at the above location, please contact Ranger and Community Safety Services on 1300 422 664 during Office Hours, and request a Registration Form be mailed to you.

The completed forms, with the correct remittance (money order or cheque) and supporting sterilisation certificate if applicable, are to be returned by post, to the City of Canning, Locked Bag 80, Welshpool W.A. 6986.

A copy of the signed registration form will be forwarded to you accompanied by the appropriate registration tag.

To encourage people to give a home to unclaimed impounded dogs and to promote their sterilisation, we give a $50 subsidy for dogs purchased from the pound to be sterilised.

Further information is available by contacting Ranger and Community Safety Services on 1300 422 664.

Remember owning a dog is a responsibility and ensuring it is registered is a part of being a responsible owner. It also helps us return your lost dog to you quickly and efficiently.