City responding to elevated Mosquito Borne-Disease Risk


The City is warning residents to take precautions against mosquitoes in the coming weeks following the widespread rainfall. This rainfall may temporarily result in road gullies, drains, compensating basins and known breeding wetlands areas located within the Canning River Regional park holding water over the coming weeks.

The City’s Officers have been monitoring tides, stagnant water and mosquito breeding all summer, and have carried out treatments over the last few weeks, noting that there has been significant water enter the Canning River Regional Park.

As of Monday 13 February 2016, the mosquito breeding areas showed increased mosquito larvae activity, which has been effectively treated by the City. This is a crucial step in minimising the opportunity for Ross River Virus mosquitoes to reach adulthood and impact surrounding residents and visitors to the area.

Monitoring and treatments around the Canning River Regional Park will continue through summer and early autumn. Residents are asked to notify the City if they notice an increase in mosquito activity in their area.

Residents are asked to check that their windows have flyscreens and that they are in good condition, replace birdbath water every 3 or 4 days and make sure gutters are not blocked. Residents can protect themselves when out and about around the river by wearing protective (long, loose-fitting, light coloured) clothing and by applying a personal repellent containing 20 per cent diethyl toluamide (DEET).


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Photo above is of the Canning River Regional Park on Monday morning, showing an area with water in it, and containing mosquito breeding.

For more information see, Department of Health, Media Release, 16 February 2017