Kent St Weir Refurbishment

The Department of Water, in conjunction with the Department of Parks and Wildlife and the City of Canning is upgrading the Kent Street Weir to improve the functionality of the weir and ensure the community can continue to use the bridge safely. The works are scheduled to begin in the last week of March and expected to continue until August 2017. 

The upgrade will include:

• an automated weir gate system

• a new footbridge

• a fishway to enable fish passage up and downstream when the weir is closed.

The refurbishment works scheduled to begin in the last week of March for three weeks and is expected to cause minimal noise and interruption to bridge and park users.

There will be a temporary bridge available for pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchairs at Kent St Weir. Access across the river may be restricted at times in the interests of public safety. An alternative crossing is also available at the Greenfield Street Footbridge. Kayaks and canoes will be able to access the river at Kent Street Weir during construction. Users will need to walk around the construction site to continue paddling up / downstream.

More information

The Canning River Cafe and other amenities will remain open during the entire construction period. Visit the Canning River Eco Education Centre foyer, next door to Canning River Café for a map of the construction site or visit or phone 08 6250 8000 for more information.