Green Waste Verge Collection


We provide two green waste verge collections per year.

Please think of others and do not put anything on verges outside of collection dates. Waste left on the verge can be unsightly or hazardous.

Any waste left on the verge outside collection dates MUST BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY or you may incur a litter infringement notice.

Remember, do NOT put out any hard waste or junk – these will be collected on a different date.



To download the Verge Collection brochure, please click here.


To view the individual map for each zone, please click on your zone number below. 
* Please note: Maps are still being added to this page.

Zone 1
Green Waste: 31 August | Hard Waste: 30 November

Zone 2

Green Waste: 14 September | Hard Waste: 29 June
Zone 3
Green Waste: 28 September | Hard Waste: 20 July

Zone 4

Green Waste: 19 October | Hard Waste: 3 August

Zone 6

Green Waste: 23 November | Hard Waste: 7 September 
Zone 7

Green Waste: 21 September | Hard Waste: 7 December

Zone 8

Green Waste: 6 July | Hard Waste: 12 October

Zone 9

Green Waste: 27 July | Hard Waste: 26 October


Please make sure your prunings are out for collection by 6.30am on the above date.

You cannot use plastic bags to put leaves or other prunings out for verge collection. If you must use plastic bags, please place these in your rubbish bin.

We will only remove tree and shrub prunings.

Material must comply with the following:

  • No longer than 1.5 metres (5ft)
  • Place prunings with thorns apart from the rest
  • Place cut ends toward the street
  • Please place items neatly on verge without obstructing footpath
  • To avoid damage caused by the loader, do not place items on top of sprinklers or against fences

We will not remove:

  • Tree trunks larger than 150mm diameter
  • Stumps of any size
  • Materials exceeding 1.5m maximum length


Please do not place any rubbish with the prunings, such as plastic, metal or paper. It will contaminate the green waste and the prunings will not be removed from your verge.


It would also be appreciated if you could ensure no green waste is placed on our Parks or Reserves, as Waste Services do not collect from these areas.


The City will remove up to TWO STANDARD TRAILER loads of prunings from each property.


The City does not have private arrangements with commercial contractors.

Residents are advised to ensure that commercial operators comply with the City's requirements. Failure to do so may result in costs being borne by you.


Your co-operation is greatly appreciated, not only by us, but also by your neighbours.

For any further information, please contact Waste Services on 9231 0716.