Hard Waste Verge Collection

We provide two hard waste verge collections per year.

Please think of others and do not put anything on verges outside of collection dates. Waste left on the verge can be unsightly or hazardous.

Any waste left on the verge outside collection dates MUST BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY or you may incur a litter infringement notice.

Remember, do NOT put out any prunings or garden waste – these will be collected on a different date.


To view the Verge Collection Schedule for 2015, please refer to the image below:




To download the Verge Collection brochure, please click here.


To view the individual map for each zone, please click on your zone number below. 
* Please note: Maps are still being added to this page.


Zone 1
Green Waste: 31 August | Hard Waste: 30 November

Zone 2

Green Waste: 14 September | Hard Waste: 29 June
Zone 3
Green Waste: 28 September | Hard Waste: 20 July

Zone 4

Green Waste: 19 October | Hard Waste: 3 August
Zone 5
Green Waste: 2 November | Hard Waste: 17 August

Zone 6

Green Waste: 23 November | Hard Waste: 7 September 
Zone 7
Green Waste: 7 December | Hard Waste: 21 September

Zone 8

Green Waste: 6 July | Hard Waste: 12 October

Zone 9

Green Waste: 27 July | Hard Waste: 26 October
Zone 10
Green Waste: 10 August | Hard Waste: 9 November



Please make sure your junk is out for collection by 6.30am on the first day of the week of collection. Place items neatly on verge without obstructing the footpath.

To avoid damage caused by the loader, do not place items on top of sprinklers or against fences.

We will only remove:

  • Old furniture
  • Stoves, fridges and other - Fridge doors MUST be removed
  • Whitegoods
  • General household junk

We will not remove:

  • Bricks, rubble, sand, cement or other building waste
  • Household waste
  • Flammable liquids
  • Chemical liquids including paint, oil 
  • Motor vehicle parts - tyres, batteries etc
  • Asbestos cement products

We will only remove up to ONE STANDARD TRAILER load of hard waste from each property.

Your co-operation is greatly appreciated, not only by us, but also by your neighbours.

For any further information, please contact Waste Services on 9231 0716.


Waste Conditions


General Conditions

  •      Council will remove up to 6m3 of material per property.
  •      Material for collection is to be placed neatly on the street verge by 6am on the     commencement date.
  •      Material must not be placed out more than two (2) days prior to the commencement date. A litter infringement may be issued.
  •      Please do not obstruct or obscure essential services such as fire hydrants,  telecommunications, sewer or stormwater access, electrical transformers or power domes.
  •      Please make sure the footpath is free to use and that Council can access normal bin service.
  •      Please do not place material on vacant properties or land, public places, reserves, parks or their verges. Such action is an offence under the Litter Act and may incur an infringement.

Green Waste

Only tree and shrub prunings that comply with the following will be removed:

  •      Individual pruning should not exceed 1.5m in length nor weigh more than 16kg (35lb)
  •      Tree and shrub prunings to be less than 150mm in diameter.

Stack tree and shrub prunings neatly on the street verge with the cut ends facing the street.

The following will NOT be removed:

  •      Lawn and weed sods, stumps or tree roots.
  •      Oversized material (see above).
  •      Bags, boxes or bales of green waste.

Please Note: The City does not have any arrangements with commercial contractors. Where residents choose to utilise the services of commercial contractors, it is the resident’s responsibility to ensure they comply with the requirements of a green waste collection.

Note: Hard Waste will not be collected as part of a Green Waste collection. This will be collected via the Hard Waste collections only.



Donate unwanted goods to charity:


To find out more about how to donate you unwanted goods to local charity visit the website http://giv.org.au