Integrated Planning

All local governments are required to ‘plan for the future’ develop and adopt two new planning instruments: a Strategic Community Plan and Corporate Business Plan. In 2010, the Department of Local Government and Communities introduced the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and Guidelines to provide the basis for improving the practice of strategic planning in local government. According to the Department of Local Government and Communities, the Framework recognises that planning for a local government is holistic in nature and driven by the community.

  • Builds organisational and resource capability to meet community need.
  • Optimises success by understanding the integration and interdependencies between the components; and
  • Emphasises performance monitoring so that local governments can adapt and respond to changes in community needs and the business environment.

In 2013, the City took the  opportunity to comprehensively engage the community to help decide the future direction of the City of Canning. The outcomes helped develop the:

  • Strategic Community Plan 2013 has a clearly stated vision, purpose, values and goals of the community to help the City plan for the future, and
  • the Corporate Business Plan aligns with the City’s directions and priorities identified in the Strategic Community Plan. The plan will assist in the realisation of our community’s vision and aspirations. It details the actions, services, operations and projects the City will deliver within a defined period, the resources available and associated costs. Other critical informing strategies associated with the realisation of the community’s aspirations are Long Term Financial Forecasts, Asset Management, Risk Management and Workforce Plans.

We are now reviewing the Strategic Community Plan. Have Your Say!

The City is undertaking a major review of the Strategic Community Plan, with Our City: Our Future. We want to know what is important to the community and if it is still the same as what we heard you say in 2013.

To find out more information and to have your say, please visit