City Sustainability Initiatives (Community)
Community Grants

The City offers Community Organisation Sustainability Grant to provide financial assistance to not-for-profit incorporated organisations to help improve the sustainability of local services. Grants are available for organisations planning to diversify their activities to improve the sustainability of the services they provide or for organisations which are new or challenged by significant externally imposed issues. It is intended that this grant will assist the organisation to implement and / or improve sustainable practices. As part of the application process, applicants must outline how they will ensure they become self-sustainable and / or how the addition of new practices or services will ensure the viability of the organisation following the award of the grant.

For further information or to apply visit our Grants page here.


Sustainability Guide

The City of Canning is committed to helping our residents live more sustainably at home and in the community. We have developed this resource to achieve the goal of a sustainable and environmentally aware community.

Your guide to sustainable living


Switch Your Thinking!

The City of Canning is a member Council for the Switch Your Thinking! Program which incorporates the Rewards 4 Residents Program which entitles residents to reduced prices on sustainability related products.


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Community Workshops/Events

The City hosts a variety of workshops and events throughout the year for the City of Canning community and beyond including Water Saving Workshops, Great Gardens Workshops, Nyoongar Bush Walks, Bush Poetry and Bush Tucker to name a few. Some of the reoccurring events that the City has hosted are described in more detail below.

  •           Living Smart Courses

The Living Smart Course is an award winning sustainability education program designed to help you live more sustainably. It is a seven week course where you will learn practical techniques to make a positive impact on your home and community.

  •           How to Build a Good Business Workshop

This workshop explores how to build a successful ‘Good Business’ explaining the different business structures and identifying which is right for you, designing a basic business plan, understanding profit and loss and much more…

  •           Nyoongar Storytelling

A local Aboriginal elder, Noel Nannup, takes you on a journey exploring aboriginal culture, language and spirituality. It is a magical evening that connects you to an ancient culture that is relevant to today as it’s always been.


For information on upcoming events, please click here.