Local Planning Strategy

To guide the sustainable development of our City into the future, the City of Canning is preparing a Local Planning Strategy and reviewing the existing Local Planning Scheme (Town Planning Scheme No. 40).

Local Planning Strategy

A Local Planning Strategy is the key strategic urban land use planning document that helps the City plan for future growth of the area. The Strategy will be consistent with urban planning documents such as Directions 2031 and Beyond, and considers resource management, environmental, economic, and social issues, census data and community input.

The strategy also sets out the City’s objectives for future planning and development and includes a broad framework to address those objectives through coordinated, sustainable development. It will also provide the basis for zoning and other requirements in a Local Planning Scheme.

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Community drop in event 5 April (6 - 730pm, Civic and Administration Centre)

Comment period closes 7 April 2017

Local Planning Scheme

While the Strategy sets the broad strategic planning direction for the City, the Local Planning Scheme is the legal framework that establishes standards and conditions that control land uses in different zones in the City.

The Scheme is an important tool in implementing the Strategy and provides a framework for assessment and decision-making in relation to proposed scheme amendments, subdivision and development.

The Strategy is a comprehensive document, addressing a wide range of issues. The City developed sub-strategies that form the key areas the Strategy including:

Community Engagement

Community input is an important part in the development in the Local Planning Strategy (Strategy). Community input was gained at three points through the development of the Strategy.

Stage 1 – Community engagement was carried out to develop a Strategic Community Plan. This information was used to inform both the Strategic Community Plan and the sub strategies.

Stage 2 – The community was also engaged throughout the development of each of the 10 sub strategies.

Stage 3 – This is the final stage of consultation of the draft Strategy. Following the completion of the Strategy it will go to Council for final adoption and be submitted to the Western Australian Planning Commission for assessment and endorsement.

To find out more information and to have your say click here. Comment period closes 7 April 2017.

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