Petition Council

If you feel strongly on an issue, you can present a petition to Council. The petition will then be presented to Council for action.

Petitions must be submitted on the  standard petition form and in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Petitions, which must be the original document, should be delivered in a sealed envelope addressed to the Mayor. Copies will not be accepted.
  • All names and addresses contained on the petition must be in the handwriting of each person signing.

It is recommended that a covering letter accompany the petition, however, this is not essential.

The petition will be registered and an acknowledgment letter, outlining the processes involved, will be sent to the person responsible for the petition.

The recipient will be asked to notify all petitioners of the action being taken.

The petition is then referred to the next available Ordinary Council Meeting for consideration and any action that may be required.

Following this, the person responsible will be notified in writing of the outcome and asked to pass this information on to all petitioners.

For further information on how to submit a petition or the processes involved, please contact Governance Services on 1300 422 664 or email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it