The landscape of our Canning community has changed considerably over the past 120 years.

Now known as Westfield Carousel, the area on the corner of Cecil Avenue and Albany Highway has always played an important role in the community. It has evolved dramatically throughout the years, from the Cecil and Waverly Hotels, Cannington Primary School in the early 1900s, to Boans Waverley development in the 1950s. Here’s a flashback to the time:

Boans Waverly attracted a lot of public attention prior to its opening and people crowded into the store. Yoyos were popular during this time and the Boans store received a display from the Coca Cola yoyo team with organised competitions for children. The store also had a confectionary counter with lengths of sugar cane, which attracted excitement from children, especially the students of Cannington Primary School as their school was located adjacent to the store.

Boans Waverley contained a cafeteria with a variety of food displays. Hot chips being the most popular. Men, women and children clothing, makeup counters and household goods and vinyl records were available within the store. A fenced playground was located to the back of the store which had a pumpkin shaped slide (Buchannan and Dalais, 2014).

Quick Facts

  • 1897 - Stephen Gibbs built the Cecil Hotel on the corner of Cecil Avenue and Albany Highway
  • 1906 – the Shopping Centre site contained the Road Board Office building, Cannington Primary School, Cecil Hotel and residential development
  • 1950s and 1960s – Boans Waverley was the first major department store located outside the Perth CBD
  • 1990s and 2018 - redeveloped and expanded
  • Address -1358 Albany Highway, Cannington
Images courtesy of Local History Collection and Etienne Brits
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