By the time of the centenary of local government in 1971, Canning had grown from a rural area into a vast residential and industrial area.  The Town of Canning was proclaimed that year and a new civic and administration centre was built adjoining the Town Hall on land that was previously part of Wilson and Johns plant nursery. 

The works depot was moved from the rear of the Town Hall to a new site in Fleming Avenue and the grounds were landscaped.  Continued growth of the area resulted in these buildings becoming inadequate and a new civic and administration centre was built in front of the 1971 building and opened in 2006.  The landscaping now includes formal gardens laid out in rows to simulate the rows of plants that existed back in the site’s days as a horticulture nursery.

Today the Civic and Administration Centre is the hub where the City is working collaboratively towards the vision of a welcoming and thriving City.

Quick Facts

  • 1971 - Canning Civic and Administration Centre built
  • 2006 - New Canning Civic and Administration Centre built
  • Address - 1317 Albany Highway, Cannington
Images courtesy of the Local History Collection and Etienne Brits
Canning Town Hall has served many purposes since it was built. It has been a community hall, Council offices, and has hosted various social events such as concerts, dances, weddings, senior citizens centre, theatre, cinema, workshops, seminars and even the Canning Arts Awards.

Did you know that you can book the Canning Town Hall for you next social occasion or community meeting? The old-world charm of the building makes it a unique venue. Click here for how.

There are two public art pieces outside the Town Hall. The first one is in front of the building and best viewed from the pathway on the corner of Albany Highway and George Street. The railings designed by artist Peter Zappa have a hidden word in it. Can you find it? It’s Canning! The second art piece is close to the car park. It is called Focal Sculpture by Scape-ism, sculptor Jahne Rees. The Town Hall is also lit up at night. Depending on the time of year and the event, it is lit in different colours i.e. red and green at Christmas.

The Town Hall was surrounded by a plant nursery up until the 1960s. This changed dramatically with the intensification of Albany Highway and its transformation into a commercial strip and the construction of a new Council Administration Centre. The gardens under the tall gum trees were designed to represent the past nursery that was in the area.

Quick Facts

  • 1909 – Canning Town Hall built 
  • 1921 – Cinema
  • 1926 – the Town Hall was extended to include a gallery, a new boardroom and additional office space
  • 1955 – side buildings added
  • 1964 – Council offices expanded into hall
  • 1972 – Returned back to a Community Hall and Senior Citizen Centre
  • Address - 1309 Albany Highway, Cannington
Images courtesy of the Local History Collection and Etienne Brits.
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