Firefighting in Canning was carried out by the community after the Volunteer Fire Brigade was formed.  They started off at the Woodlupine Hall, later moved to an old barber’s shop in George Street until the Cannington Fire Station was built in George Way.

The brigade was formed just in time:
“The Queens Park Volunteer Fire Brigade was established in 1910, just in time to attend a fire at Temby’s stables in East Cannington.  This was the first call made upon the newly formed group and it caused a great deal of excitement among the new and enthusiastic members.  There was a good roll-up of firemen, but water was a problem – when the hose was at last directed at the seat of the fire only a trickle came though.  Fortunately all the horses were rescued from the weatherboard building which was blazing furiously by the time the brigade arrived.  As their sole piece of apparatus was a garden hose, their efforts were futile and the building was a total loss” (Carden, 1991, p179).

Audio spoken by Katherine Healy

Quick Facts

  • 1910 – Volunteer brigade was established
  • 1943 – Canning Fire Station was built
  • 1957  - permanent firemen were appointed
  • 1915 – 1927 - volunteers had their own brass band
  • 1971 – state took over all responsibilities
  • Now - Canning is served by fire stations in Welshpool and Canning Vale.
  • Address -44 George Way, Cannington
Images courtesy of the Local History Collection and Etienne Brits.
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