Online council meetings

The City of Canning decided to shift Council meetings online as a precautionary measure to guard against the spread of Omicron.
The decision was made in response to:

1) the State Government’s updated Safe Transition Plan that takes effect from 3 March and
2) health modelling that suggests WA may see a predicted 10,000 COVID -19 cases per day by late March.

How can I join an online council meeting?

Council meetings will be livestreamed on YouTube. To watch the meeting simply visit the City’s YouTube channel here -

How can I submit a public question or deputation?

Public questions and deputations must be submitted online on the day of the council meeting by 3pm through Council Matters. Visit this web link below and select either 1) submit a question for a council meeting or 2) request a deputation to address Council.

Your questions will be read out by the Mayor with a response provided by the relevant director or the CEO via the livestream. 
When requesting a deputation to address Council, you will be required to upload the contents of your deputation at the time you complete your request.  Your deputation will be read out by the Mayor at the meeting, whilst electronic council meetings are in place.

When will the normal council meeting structure return?

The decision to return to in-person council meetings will be made in accordance with State Government health advice.  

How can I access agendas and minutes?

For more information about your Council and access agendas and minutes visit:

Council meeting dates

Click here to view the upcoming Council meeting dates. 

Previous audio recordings

By listening to any of the available recordings below, you agree to the terms and conditions listed here.

Disclaimer: Attendance at Briefings and Council Meetings does not provide any Elected Member, Staff or member of the public with Absolute Privilege. It does not protect individuals from defamation in relation to behaviour or statements made.

Opinions expressed, or statements made by persons during the course of Briefings or Council Meetings, and contained within the subsequent recording, are the opinions or statements of those individual persons, and are not opinions or statements of the City. The recording is not, and shall not be taken to be, a confirmed official record of the City of Canning Council, or of any meeting or discussion to which it relates, or may appear to relate.

By participating in open Council Meetings and Briefings, individuals consent to the use and disclosure of the information that they share at the Meeting or Briefing (including any personal or sensitive information given), for the purposes of the Council carrying out its functions. Individuals also consent to the disclosure of that information to any person(s) who access audio of City of Canning Council Meetings or Briefings.

The City of Canning prohibits any reproduction, distribution, republication and/or retransmission of the Council Meeting or Briefing audio without the prior written consent of the City.

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