The City of Canning’s advisory groups are made up of primarily business and community representatives, with support from administration staff.

Within the City, advisory groups work to provide advice and recommendations to Council on key issues and opportunities on a particular area of interest. Advisory Groups are formed and managed in accordance with the City of Canning's Advisory Group Governance Guide.

The members within the groups work to assist Council in the development of policy, strategies and actions in addition to its communication, consultation and engagement with relevant stakeholders. The members moreover assist Council to monitor the implementation of a specific plan or strategy, advocating for increased awareness and understanding of a particular topic.

The City has established four advisory groups as follows, with membership to those groups as detailed below:


Sustainability and Environment
Advisory Group

Advisory Group

Advisory Group

Public Members

1 Year


Grant Gerhoefer
Joanne Willessee
Sandy Wainwright
Harriet Toto Olita
Koon-tin (KT) Lim

Peter Coxon
Astrid Vasile
Kevn Baruffi
Kate Holsgrove

2 Years


Sian Mawson
Michael Wilson
Dylan Lamb (resigned)
Natasha Hurley‑Walker
Pankaj Agarwal (resigned)

Anne Baigent

Jose Ciciliamma

Marie Burman-Wiegele

Elaine Schofield

Ema Denby

Mike Slingsby

Jasmine Mountford

Martin Vogt
Yew Cheun
David Timmel

2 Years


Grant Gerhoefer
Koon-tin (KT) Lim
Huey Choong
Claire Kennedy
Maria Bonser
Brunda Gowrav H.G
Stephen Johnston

Caroline Dunsire

Peter Nettleton

Elmi Ali

Astrid Vasile

Peter Coxon

Kevin Baruffi

Yew Cheun (Eddie) Ko

Stephen Ward

Lee Green


Business Advisory Group

Business Advisory Group Page

Business Advisory Group Terms of Reference


Community Advisory Group

Community Advisory Group Page

Community Advisory Group Terms of Reference


Sustainability and Environment Advisory Group (SEAG)


SEAG Terms of Reference

SEAG Nomination Form 2017 - Nominations for two membership positions close 26 November 2017


Youth Advisory Group

Youth Advisory Group Nomination Form

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