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Matthew O'Brien

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Sunday, 07 March 2021

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Proposed Development - 48 Corinthian Road Rossmoyne

As a concerned resident I would like to inform local residents who may not be aware of the soon to be approved development at 48 Corinthian Road Rossmoyne. A 12 bedroom and 12 toilet duplex is being proposed for the corner of Corinthian Rd West and Fifth Avenue. Local residents are concerned because they believe the massive duplex is being built as accommodation for students by developers leveraging off the Rossmoyne High School zone and not as 2 family homes. Despite numerous complaints, the City of Canning planning department looks set to give the development the green light. Please sign the e petition against the proposed development Full Story link https://rrsra.org.au/48-corinthian-road-rossmoyne/

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