Building the future our community deserves

The City of Canning’s Advocacy Priorities for 2022/2023 set out Council’s endorsed priorities for seeking external funding support to key projects. 

Our City is working hard to bring the ideas and aspirations of our community to life, but there are certain projects and initiatives we are unable to fully fund, which means we need to seek support. We have identified several key priorities we are advocating for, all of which are major projects that align to the Strategic Community Plan and State and/or Federal goals. 

Why these priorities? The City of Canning is growing. Already home to nearly 100,000 people, and with the population expected to increase by 25% in 2041, we aim to build a future that sees us investing in spaces and places where our community can live, work and play for years to come. 

Being the closest level of government to the community, the City is in an important position of knowing community priorities and making real change to improve the wellbeing, lifestyle and amenity for the Canning community. 

We want to make sure our City has facilities and services that progress prosperity and belonging. To make this a reality, we aim to build infrastructure that will improve public amenity, support the expected population growth, create new jobs, assist in growing the local economy and establish Canning as a hub in Perth’s south-eastern corridor. 

Our goals of Enhance, Prosper, Lead, Build and Connect are woven throughout everything we do. The future is bright in Canning and we welcome the opportunities to collaborate with government and organisations to build the future our community deserves.

Mayor Patrick Hall

Our priorities fall into these themes

  • Increasing infrastructure for a growing City.
  • Progressing prosperity and belonging.
  • (Re)connecting with nature and place.

The Priorities (in alphabetical order)

Canning Arts Centre  relocation Establish a recreation hub by relocating the Canning Arts Centre to the Riverton Library and Leisureplex site.
Canning City Centre Accommodate the existing and planned growth of the $76 million Canning City Centre.
Canning Vale Regional Sports Complex Develop a Regional Sporting Complex in Canning Vale and construct the Jandakot Eastern Link Road.
Kent St Weir Parkland Master Plan  Progress the upgrade of the Kent Street Weir Precinct.
Mains sewer connection to Welshpool Industrial Estate Implement mains sewer in the Welshpool Industrial Estate to eliminate industrial pollution ending up in the Canning River.
Mid-tier transport for Perth Prioritise a public transport corridor between Cannington Train Station and the Perth CBD via Curtin  University,  and trial technology such as trackless trams in Perth.
Queens Park Open Space Deliver the community aspects of the Queens Park Open Space Master Plan.
Shelley Bridge duplication and Centenary Avenue Ramp Duplicate Shelley Bridge and improve its connection to Centenary Avenue within the next five years.
Undergrounding power and LED light conversion Deliver underground power and LED street lighting in the City.

2022 Federal Election Campaign

We are focussing on two of the above projects during the election, as gaining Federal funding will make a real difference to the timing for:

Queens Park Open Space.  With the Governments’ investing $32.5million in the new State Football Centre, the adjacent open space at Maniana Park also needs a major upgrade.  Through consultation with the community, the City developed a master plan for this site which requires $6.8m.  At this time the only option for the City would be to debt fund this project, something under consideration for the City’s 2022-23 budget.  During the Federal Election, Labor committed to allocating $5.3million for the project.  The City looks forward to working with the Member for Swan, Ms Zaneta Mascarenhas MP, to bring this project to fruition.  

Canning Vale Regional Space Complex.  During the 2021 State election, the City received a pledge of $10m from the McGowan government to help construct the first stage of this important sports precinct, which will cost around $66.7m. While the City has the capacity to fund some elements of the project, to initiate stage 1 Federal government funding is essential. 

As part of an 11 local government consortium, the City has lodged an Infrastructure Australia Business Case seeking $250million in funding assistance for all of the major regional scale sports facilities planned for Perth.  The City’s bid is for $30million from such a fund.  A contribution of that level, along with further funding from the City and State Government would see the City able to commence construction in 2025.

Restoring our Rivers.  With the Labor party successful in the recent Federal election, the South East Council's Alliance (comprising the cities of Armadale, Canning and Gosnells and the Town of Victoria Park) will receive $10million to restore the cities rivers that are being impacted by overdevelopment. This funding will complement the considerable funding being invested by these local governments; enhancing foreshore re-vegetation, improving drains that empty into the rivers as well as the other ecological initiatives we collectively undertake.

If you want to find out more on these or any of the projects mentioned above, the full Advocacy Priority Booklet is available to download. 

 Advocacy Priority Booklet

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