The City of Canning is asking the Canning community and visitors to Shelley Beach Park to let us know what they would like see in the Shelley Beach Park Master Plan.

Shelley Beach Park is located on the Canning River between Watersby Crescent and Beatrice Avenue in Shelley. The Park is an important community asset and with its wide open spaces and magnificent river and skyline views, has become a popular community destination and hosts a number of significant events including the Blessing of the River, Australia Day celebrations and New Year’s Day fireworks.

After a break in proceedings (due to Local Government elections and staffing requirements), the City identified a need for further feedback back from the Canning community and visitors to Shelley Beach Park. All feedback received will be considered in the development of the Shelley Beach Master Plan.

For the latest news and information regarding the work completed to date, please visit

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