The City of Canning’s award-winning Urban Forest Strategy is an ambitious plan to increase the City’s urban canopy cover by 22.3% over the next 20 years.

This will be done by planting 61,215 trees over the next 10 years, translating to an increase of 110 hectares in canopy cover City-wide. 

Urban Forest Strategy 2020 Achievements:

In 2020, the City received more than 200 verge tree planting requests, representing an increase of 160% on the previous year. 

Other planting initiatives included:

•    Urban Forest Street Tree Planting –  1328 trees planted
•    Resurfacing Streetscape Projects – 11 trees planted
•    City Administration Centre verge – 30 trees planted
•    Ranford Road verge planting – 150 trees planted

In support of the City’s Urban Forest Strategy, the City has planned a number of activities and workshops for the 2021 calendar year to empower the community, increase the City’s urban forest and implement the strategy. 

Our approach for 2021 

Our approach for this year is to target tree planting efforts it in the high heat, low canopy suburbs of East Cannington and Queens Park. and we're planning to plant 2,500 to 3,000 trees.

Following on from its launch last year, the City of Canning will once again be working with Greening Australia to implement the ‘Our Park, Our Place’ project, with a vision to empower local residents to become champions to reduce the Urban Heat Island effect in their neighbourhoods through tree planting. 

The City has chosen Groundlark Park in East Cannington as its site for this project. East Cannington is one of the City’s areas of lowest urban canopy. 
East Cannington is one of the hottest suburbs in Canning and is expected to undergo significant infill development over the next 20 years, resulting in tree canopy loss. 

Groundlark Park currently has less than 10% tree canopy, which makes it a high priority for planting trees and vegetation.
Greening of Groundlark Park will enhance biodiversity and allow greater movement of wildlife between natural areas. Part of the park functions as a drainage basin, so planting more trees will also improve water quality.

The program of activities for this project will include four community workshops and two community tree planting days, commencing in April, and concluding in October 2021. 

To learn more about this project, and for the dates of these events, residents can visit:

The City will also be hosting its Free Tree Giveaway Day on Sunday, 13 June this year.

Last year’s event was an incredible success, with more than 620 free tree seedlings given away to residents to plant and nurture on their private properties. 

Stay tuned on this site for further updates! 

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