Trees have a multitude of environmental and sociocultural benefits that can be enjoyed by current and future generations.  They reduce urban heat island effects, provide habitat for native fauna and are important for biodiversity.  A Significant Tree Register protects the most exceptional trees in the City.

The City’s Urban Forest Strategy outlines projections and targets for the creation and enhancement of a resilient urban forest over the next 20 years.  One objective of the Urban Forest Strategy is to encourage the retention and planting of trees.  While most trees are worthy of protection where feasible, ‘Significant’ trees are trees which have exceptional characteristics that make them highly valuable and therefore worthy of being afforded a greater level of protection under Local Planning Scheme No. 42 (LPS 42) Schedule A - Supplementary Provisions to the Deemed Provisions 13A.  A Significant Tree Register (the Register) identifies these trees. The first Significant Tree Register was adopted at the 19 April 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting. 

What is the Significant Tree Register? 

The Register is a document that lists the trees in an area which are considered to be outstanding for one or more reasons and which are therefore particularly worthy of protection. The Register sets out a description of each significant tree, its location and the reason for its entry in the Register. 

You can view the Register here.

What is the purpose of the register?

To protect individual or groups of trees that are highly valued in our community, outstanding and valuable.  A Significant Tree meets at least one of the criteria in the categories of significance
  • Scientific
  • Historical
  • Social
  • Aesthetic
  • Spiritual
How to nominate a tree?

Do you know of a tree that you think meets the criteria of a significant tree? Read the Significant Tree Register Nomination - Frequently Asked Questions and fill out the Nomination Form. If you are nominating a tree on private land (someone else's property), you need to provide them with the Important Information for Landowners and get them to sign the Nomination Form.

The City will receive adhoc nominations and when a sufficient amount has been received, the City will consider the trees in bulk in accordance with ET545 Recognition and Protection of Significant Trees and present a recommendation for Council to include the new trees that meet the criteria.

For more information, see the Significant Tree Register Nomination - Frequently Asked Questions or contact the City Greening Team via e-mail or call on 1300 422 664.
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