Wanju Welcome Queens Park

Queens Park is one of Canning’s most diverse neighbourhoods with 60% of residents born overseas. The neighbourhood is rich in community infrastructure, public open space and cultural assets.

Wanju Welcome Queens Park is the City of Canning’s action plan to create a neighbourhood of welcome in which everyone feels like they belong, can be themselves and take ownership for shaping the neighbourhood story.

Wanju Welcome is an initiative that celebrates the diversity of our community and nurtures connections between people. It’s about working together to breathe new life and vitality into the neighbourhood to ensure it is safe, vibrant and accessible. Get involved and help shape a neighbourhood of welcome. Join us at our welcome events, get involved with one of our welcome teams or share your Queens Park neighbourhood story.

Join our welcome events mailing list by emailing welcome@canning.wa.gov.au
Share your Queens Park neighbourhood story using this link - https://culturecounts.cc/s/7AFz32

Kalla Wirin Gnaark Boodjar Mural

Welcome Stories

Welcome Actions

Discover what welcome actions are happening in Queens Park. 

Queens Park Neighbourhood Team

The City of Canning has identified Queens Park as a strategic priority and is seeking to address the historical inequity of interest and investment in the Queens Park neighbourhood.To help champion the revitalisation of Queens Park in partnership with community the City have put together a Queens Park Neighbourhood Team.  The team are the key primarily liaison between community and the City and help shape the fabric and character of Queens Park, to give people who live and work there a sense of wellbeing and belonging.

Who is the neighbourhood team?

James Murphy
Queens Park Neighbourhood Manager

Ellie Efijemueh
Queens Park Community Development Officer
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