Burrendah Boulevard works and pop up skate facility 

What work will be done?
We will remove the existing skate bowl, create a temporary skate facility, streetscape upgrades to Burrendah Boulevard, a new roundabout into the Willetton Stadium and southern car park upgrade and extension.

Work includes:

  • removal of the existing skate bowl at Willetton Skate Park
  • complete drainage works in the Willetton Sports Precinct
  • creation of a temporary pop up skate facility
  • removal of poorly formed and developed trees in the Precinct and replace them with a new native variety to increase tree canopy and shade in the area
  • construction of the Willetton Sports Precinct’s southern car park extension
  • Burrendah Boulevard traffic management works
  • Burrendah Boulevard streetscape upgrade to create a space where public transport, cyclists and pedestrians take priority over vehicle movements through the section of the Boulevard adjacent to Willetton Stadium and the shopping precinct
  • work to build a new entrance road into the southern car park of Willetton Sports Precinct 

When will the work be done?
Work is scheduled from January 2021 – June 2021. Workers will be on site Monday – Friday, 7am – 3pm during this period and construct noise is expected. You can view timeline for work in the Willetton Sports Precinct here

Who is doing the work?
The City of Canning’s construction team and some contractors.

Why is this work being done?
We are upgrading Burrendah Boulevard, creating a new roundabout into the Willetton Stadium and southern car park upgrade and extension.

The Burrendah Boulevard work is partly funded by the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program and aims to improve safety within the Willetton Sports Precinct. To achieve this, initiatives include:

  • a designed lower speed environment utilising the placement of roundabouts at either end of the Precinct and a solid median in between
  • maintaining the right turn lane into and out of the McDonald’s car park. All other entry/exit points will be left in/left out
  • a raised pedestrian crossing plateau will be introduced midway along the road section ultimately connecting to a future Community Piazza on the sporting complex side
  • new shared paths on both sides of Burrendah Boulevard.

Will there be car park disruptions in the Precinct?
The City endeavours to have minimal disruptions to parking throughout the construction period.

Will there by traffic disruptions along Burrendah Boulevard?
Yes. We are scheduling the work in stages to minimise disruptions and to ensure access is maintained to the sporting precinct and the shopping centre. Please expect delays and detours particularly between February - April 2021. 

While the new skate plaza is being built, what other facilities can I use?
To provide a space for skate park users while the new skate plaza is being built, the City will be installing a temporary, pop up skate facility in between the Willetton Bowling Club and Willetton Tennis Club.

How long will the pop up skate facility be available to use?
It will be up from February – June 2021, which is when the new, integrated skate plaza that is suitable for pedestrians, skateboarders and scooters will open. It will then be expanded and will move to Lynwood Youth Hub, creating more options for local skaters in the City of Canning.

What will be in the pop up skate facility?
We invited the community to farewell the skate bowl and have a say on what the pop-up looks like at a skate jam session and Willetton Skate Park on Wednesday 16 December, threre was also a survey online at our consultation website. The draft design above was created based on these ideas.  

When is the new skate plaza coming to Willetton Sports Precinct?
The new skate plaza is due to open in June 2021.

What’s happening to the trees on site?
We will be planting around 67 new trees under the Burrendah Boulevard streetscape upgrades and sporting precinct carpark works. In the southern carpark of the sporting precinct there will be 23 Corymbia eximia trees planted. They are a medium sized tree with textured bark and a dense spreading canopy that will provide welcome shade to the carpark. Along Burrendah Boulevard there will be 44 Angophora costata trees - also known as smooth-bark apple trees added. They are an evergreen Australian native tree known for their fast growth, attractive mottled bark and spreading canopy. They will replace around 20 trees currently in the streetscape that are stunted or deformed and will not grow to their natural size and shape.

I still have more questions, who can I contact?
Please contact the Build Canning team on 1300 422 664 during business hours.



How much is this work costing?
In September 2019, City of Canning Council voted in support of the Landscape Master Plan, an integral part of the $4.8 million four year transformation of the Willetton Sports Precinct.

Why is this work being done?
At the City of Canning, we aim to build inclusive and vibrant communities. This Landscape Master Plan brings that vision to life with new recreational spaces, sporting facilities and event spaces for all to enjoy.

When will the work be finished?
Work will be done over three stages. It starts in November 2019 and is expected to be complete in 2022.

Has the community been consulted on the project?
The City undertook engagement at the City of Canning’s 2018 Youth Festival and has been consulting with sporting clubs and cultural organisations located in the Precinct. The City consulted with the community to develop a final Willetton Skate Plaza concept. There are also plans for further community consultation to inform further development and improvement of the overall sports precinct. 

What will be different to what is already in the Willetton Sports Precinct at Burrendah Park?
The space will be more pedestrian-friendly with the feel of a thriving and safe sporting and cultural Precinct.  A new forecourt has been built as an entrance way to the Willetton Stadium. An integrated pedestrian hub with a skate plaza and adjoining active laneway will be created and other ancillary works, including new toilets, fencing and car park repairs will also be undertaken. 

Will cars be allowed in the new Burrendah Park?
The upgrades aim to create a pedestrian-friendly space. The work will improve access and connectivity between the Sports Precinct, Southlands Boulevarde Shopping Centre and surrounding areas. Cars will be restricted to certain areas and extra car parks will be built to accommodate more cars. Work will also be done to upgrade Burrendah Boulevard and build a new roundabout into the Willetton Stadium’s southern car park.  These works are part of the City’s initiatives to improve pedestrian safety within the Precinct and will be part funded by the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program. The work will deliver wider footpaths, create designated pedestrian crossing points, a cycle path and increase street lighting along Burrendah Boulevard.

Will there be traffic disruptions during construction?
Yes. We are scheduling construction to ensure disruptions are minimised. At times, work will require for lanes, crossovers and car parks to be closed or restricted. There will be signage on site to indicate any road or layout changes.

New skate plaza concept 

What is the City proposing to do to the existing skate park at Burrendah Park?

Following community consultation on an initial concept, a final design for the new Willetton Skate Plaza has been developed and features a combination of street inspired skate obstacles, paved surfaces and landscaping. View the final design here

The skate plaza is part of the Council approved Burrendah Park Landscape Master Plan for the Willetton Sports Precinct and it will replace the existing Willetton Skate Park, which will be removed in January 2021. 

The new skate plaza is expected in open in June 2021. 

What will the new skate plaza have?

The final design includes:
  • street skate objects e.g. stairs, hand rails, curbs and street banks
  • a series of garden beds, trees and outdoor furniture
  • the addition of a long circular flat rail to complement existing skate elements
  • smaller garden bed planters in the middle of the park to improve flow and safety
  • a bigger garden bed at the northern entry point to act as a barrier for pedestrian and skate plaza users safety 
  • extra space for scooter and BMX riders to use to turn around safely.

Has the community been consulted in the process?

From 5 March – 16 March, the City held two face-to-face sessions for the community to provide feedback on the skate plaza  concept. Feedback was also captured in an online survey in March. 

What could've been changed in the skate plaza concept? 
Various objects, spacings and dimensions were open to contribution from the public.
Will the skate bowl still be part of the new skate plaza design?
No, the plaza is a street focused design that will still include street banks and quarter pipes. The City will use community feedback from the new skate plaza concept to also plan for future skate facilities that have the potential to incorporate bowls, hips, tabletops and other objects like the current Willetton Skate Park. The existing skate bowl is expected to be removed in January 2021. 
Who can use the new skate plaza?
The new integrated skate plaza will be suitable for pedestrians, skateboarders and scooters and bike riders.
Will the new skate plaza be suitable for beginners?
All levels from beginner to advance will be catered for at the new skate plaza. It is planned to feature dedicated skate paths alongside walkways incorporates street inspired skate objects including ledges, stairs, hand rails, curbs and street banks with a series of garden beds, trees, and outdoor furniture.
How will the skate plaza be pedestrian-friendly?
The skate plaza is planned to feature dedicated skate paths alongside walkways for pedestrians. People will also be able to socialize on the outdoor furniture that is part of the skate plaza.
Who designed the concept for the skate plaza?
In conjunction with the expertise of skate park design firm, Skate Sculpture, the City of Canning developed a concept for a new integrated skate plaza within the Willetton Sports Precinct. Community feedback was taken into consideration to he us develop the final design for build.
When will the new skate plaza open?
Construction is expected to run from February 2021 - June 2021. 
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