February 2021

Southern carpark works - from 8 Feb

Work continues on the southern carpark with landscaping, tree planting and paving adjustment adjoining the stadium forecourt planned from 8 February.
There will be some impact on available parking bays and we’d encourage anyone affected to seek alternative parking nearby - including overflow parking available on Pinetree Gully Road and Castlereagh Streets on weekends and after 3.30pm weekdays.

Burrendah Boulevard lane closures – from 9 February

From 9 February Burrendah Boulevard’s southbound lane (adjacent to the sporting precinct) will be closed in sections and traffic moving south diverted through to Pinetree Gully Road. Buses will also be diverted with further detail on stop closures and alternate stops available on the Transperth website (https://www.transperth.wa.gov.au/Service-Updates/Service-Update-Details/routes-5062c-5072c-516-and-999-service-disruption-168321).
Visitors can access the precinct via access path ways close to the bowls club fence or by via the footpath to the stadium from the south, or the southern carpark. Southbound cars can follow the detour around and back to Burrendah Boulevard to access the stadium carparks or shopping centre.

Once the southbound lane (adjacent to the sporting precinct) works are complete, works will move to the northbound lane (adjacent to Southlands Shopping Centre). Works will require the northbound lane to be closed however the City will keep a number of access points for the shopping centre open. Buses will also be detoured during this stage of the works.
Throughout the southbound and northbound lane closures, please expect detours and delays for traffic.

Western carpark closure – from 15 February

From 15 February we will permanently close the western carpark to start preliminary work on the plaza.
At this stage the northern and southern carparks will be mostly open with additional parking bays already added to meet demand.

Construction of the pop up skate facility – from 15 February

Also starting on 15 February sections of the parking area between the Bowls Club and Tennis Club will be used as a laydown area for construction and we will start work on the pop up skate park to keep skaters rolling until the plaza is completed in June.

January 2021

Burrendah Boulevard Roadworks

We will soon be starting work on streetscape improvements along Burrendah Boulevard in four main phases:

1.  Footpath, road preparation and drainage (from 27 Jan).
Concentrated on the stadium side and mainly affecting footpath traffic. Bus stops will not be impacted. 

2. Roundabout and north lane streetscape works (approx. Feb –  late Feb)
To build a new streetscape, sections of the northern lane closest to the sporting precinct will be closed in sections.

Please expect detours and delays for traffic moving south along the sports precinct side of Burrendah Boulevard. Buses may also be diverted. Visitors can access the precinct via access ways close to the tennis courts or by the old skate park location. 

3. Roundabout and south lane streetscape works (approx. Mar)
Once north lane upgrades are complete, works will move to the south lane, closest to Southlands Boulevarde and will be completed in sections to allow good access into the shopping centre for traffic moving in both directions.

During this phase please expect detours and delays for traffic moving north along the shopping centre side of Burrendah Boulevard. Buses may also be diverted.

4. Tree planting (weather permitting)
We will be planting 23 Corymbia eximia trees in the southern carpark. They are a medium sized tree with textured bark and a dense spreading canopy that will provide welcome shade. Along the streetscape 44 Angophora costata trees - also known as smooth-bark apple trees will be planted. They are an evergreen Australian native tree known for their fast growth, attractive mottled bark and spreading canopy.  

We are scheduling our works in stages to minimise the impact on local businesses and visitors to the sporting precinct, shopping centre and nearby schools. 

Thank you for your patience while these necessary works are undertaken. We look forward to unveiling a safer and shadier Burrendah Precinct when the project is completed.   

Pop up skate facility at Willetton Sports Precinct 

Thank you to everyone who provided ideas for the pop up skate facility. The design, created by Skate Sculpture WA is here. 

The pop up facility will be located between the Willetton Bowling Club and Willetton Tennis Club and will be suitable for skateboards and BMX and scooter riders.
We will start building the pop up which will be ready for use by the end of February.

The pop up aims to keep skaters rolling while we build the new skate plaza. When the new plaza opens in June 2021 the pop up will move to Lynwood Youth Hub creating more options for local skaters in the City of Canning. 

In the longer term we are also investigating further skate facilities within the City to cater for a range of skating and scooter activities.

Southern carpark works

We are currently extending the southern carpark to be complete and usable by mid-February with final landscaping, tree planting and paving adjustment adjoining the stadium forecourt to follow.

Construction is in stages to minimise disruptions, parking will still be available and maximised on weekends.

December 2020 

Pop up skate facility at Willetton Sports Precinct 

Thank you for providing feedback both online and in person on the equipment you want to see in the pop up skate facility. We're reviewing your feedback and will be releasing a layout of the pop up in early January 2021. 

The pop up will be located between the Willetton Tennis Club and Willetton Bowls Club from February 2021.

The existing skate bowl will be removed from early January 2021 with the new skate plaza scheduled to open in June 2021. View FAQs here

Burrendah Boulevard works and skate bowl removal 

The existing skate bowl in Willetton Skate Park needs to be removed to allow for the upgrade of Burrendah Boulevard, a new roundabout and access into the southern car park including its upgrade and extension into the Willetton Stadium. Therefore, from 4 January 2021 – end of February, the City of Canning’s construction team and contractors will be undertaking:

  • work to remove the existing skate bowl at Willetton Skate Park
  • complete drainage works in the Willetton Sports Precinct
  • work to remove existing poorly formed and developed trees in the Precinct and replace them with a new native variety to increase tree canopy and shade in the area
  • construction of the Willetton Sports Precinct’s southern car park extension
  • Burrendah Boulevard traffic management works
  • Burrendah Boulevard streetscape upgrade to create a space where public transport, cyclists and pedestrians take priority over vehicle movements through the section of the Boulevard adjacent to Willetton Stadium and the shopping precinct
  • work to build a new entrance road into the southern car park of Willetton Sports Precinct (expected to be complete by mid-February).

This project is partly funded by the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program and aims to improve pedestrian safety within the Willetton Sports Precinct. View FAQs here

Local artist to create public art in Community Piazza

Visual artist, Chris Nixon, is set to create public artworks in the Willetton Sports Precinct.

His abstract, bold, playful and colourful concept will feature on:

  • a mural
  • streetscape paving
  • skateboard safety screens in the new street skate plaza
  • outdoor artworks in the Community Piazza.

Chris drew on his lifelong connection to the Willetton Basketball Association and the area of Willetton to develop a concept that speaks to the theme of inclusivity, health, wellbeing and community.

Inspired by the contours of the Paperbark tree, Chris has used abstract lines to reimagine the site in its natural state and balance this with abstract shapes and patterns to represent the movement of sport.
Blue is a colour that most of the sports clubs located in Willetton Sports Precinct have in common, so there is a direct reference to blue in various shades in the design. The use of colour and the contouring inspired by the Paperbark tree extends from the paving streetscape to artwork elements and structures to link together areas and encourage interaction and flow through the Piazza.

Chris will further develop his artistic concept with input from local schools early next year.
The public artwork project in the Willetton Sports Precinct Community Piazza is scheduled to be complete by May 2021.

August 2020 

New skate plaza final design 

A new, integrated skate plaza that is suitable for pedestrians, skateboarders and scooters and bike riders is coming to Willetton in June 2021. 

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