What’s being proposed?

 The Cecil Avenue project will deliver the following in two stages (Stage 1 - Service Relocations and Stage 2 - Roadworks and Landscaping):
  • dedicated bus lanes for public transport and improved bus shelters
  • increased five metre wide verge widths to improve the look of Cecil Avenue as well as increasing pedestrian and cyclist safety
  • improved pedestrian accessibility, with a dedicated pedestrian crossing at the new Pattie Street traffic signals
  • improved road safety and reduced traffic congestion through the construction of a raised median
  • improved street and footpath lighting
  • greatly increased verge and median landscaping with large trees to provide greater pedestrian shade and amenity
  • increased opportunity to attract and improve development investment into the City Centre.

What’s new?

Cecil Avenue – roadworks

One side of the new paving on Cecil Avenue is complete. To allow for the other side of the street to be paved, from Wednesday 18 September, the following road changes will be in place:

  • The left hand side of Cecil Avenue until Pattie Street will be closed and vehicles will travel on the right hand lane – over the new paving
  • From the Pattie Street/Cecil Avenue intersection, traffic will move back to the left hand lane.

Cecil Avenue is scheduled to move back to two lanes in December.
Remember, pedestrian access will remain throughout the roadworks and all businesses on Cecil Avenue and surrounding streets remain open.

Contact us

Gary McCullough | Senior Project Leader | Canning City Centre  
(e) gary.mccullough@canning.wa.gov.au | (m) 0418 129 964 | (p) 9231 0515

Angelika Limmarja | Senior Project Planner | Canning City Centre  
(e) angelika.limmarja@canning.wa.gov.au | (p) 9231 0567