What’s being proposed?

 The City has received $1million in funding as part of the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program which will revitalise the Wharf Street Basin into a Next Generation Community Park.

The Next Generation Community Park will be designed as a space where the community can sit, enjoy the lake and have areas to discover. The park will provide a great space for residents living in apartments within the Canning City Centre who have little or no backyard space to enjoy the outdoors.
Currently a multifunction drain, the park will embrace smart design and smart technology to deliver opportunities for recreation and education.

What’s new?

The City is working through a concept design with the landscape architect, Josh Byrne & Associates, which will be released to the public shortly.
We have continued to engage the local community to discuss the project and find out what the community would like incorporated in the park’s design. Further conversations have been had with community organisations and neighbouring schools to further develop ideas for the park.  

Find out more about this important project at www.yoursaycanning.com.au/canning-city-centre-news

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