The Queens Park Local Structure Plan has been prepared to guide transit oriented development within a designed area, focusing on the Queens Park Train Station.

Queens Park has a great opportunity to increase development densities close to the station, making it an area perfect for transit oriented development. This is a fast growing trend in creating compact, walkable, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use communities centered on high quality train systems.

With underused and vacant land around the area, key elements of the Queens Park Local Structure Plan focus on the diversity of housing, non- residential land use, definition of the area and transport connectivity.

At the centre of the project is Queens Park Station. A small station on Perth’s train network, the station caters for the local community, providing transport access adjacent to schools.

Unlike several stations on the network, Queens Park is not a park and ride station, which therefore provides greater opportunity to promote transit oriented development and increase development densities close to the station.

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