The City’s unique biodiversity and ecological systems play an essential role in the cultural, spiritual, mental and physical health of our employees and community. The City of Canning engages in a number of projects and programs designed to protect, conserve and enhance our natural environment.

Environmental Management Strategy

The Environmental Management Strategy provides a framework to achieve better environmental management outcomes, consistent with the overall vision and objectives of the City. The objectives include:

  • understand and address potential outcomes of climate change and facilitate the development of a resilient City

  • maintain, enhance and restore natural areas and protect biodiversity values

  • protect and enhance waterways, wetlands and the groundwater and ensure sustainable use and management of water resources

  • protect and enhance the cultural heritage values of places and spaces across the City

  • deliver built form outcomes that optimise energy, water and waste resource use of places and spaces over their whole-of-life.

To view the Environmental Management Strategy, please visit here

Local Biodiversity Strategy

The Local Biodiversity Strategy outlines a 20 year action plan for the protection and strategic management of natural areas in the City. The actions include:

  • improved provisions for biodiversity in the City’s local planning framework and their application in future land use decisions

  • development of a Strategic Local Reserve Management Plan

  • development of a plan for restoration of natural areas in the City

  • development of an incentive package to encourage vegetation retention and increased use of local plants in landscaping by developers and private landholders

  • continued support to community volunteers engaged in bushland restoration activities

  • mainstreaming consideration of biodiversity within all City Programs and adopting a communication strategy that engages all government and community stakeholders.

To view the Local Biodiversity Strategy, please visit here

Urban Forest Strategy

The City currently has one of the lowest levels of canopy cover within the Perth Metropolitan Area. The City has developed an Urban Forest Strategy which aims to increase the quality and quantity of trees within the City.


The City works independently and alongside local community volunteer groups and specialist to manage the City’s natural areas to:

  • control environmental weeds

  • monitor populations of threatened and priority plants and manage and rescue wildlife in City parks and conservation areas

  • control feral pests including cats, foxes and rabbits

  • undertake restoration activities such as revegetation and foreshore stabilisation

  • collect native seed for restoration projects

  • educate the community about environmental issues

  • organise and participate in planting days with local schools and the community.

For further information please visit our Conservation and Environment page.


For further information and resources on being sustainable at home or in the community, please visit our Community Capital and Social Impact page. For further information and resources on being a sustainable business, please visit our Local Economy and Sustainable Business page.

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