What we are doing to adapt to and mitigate a changing climate.

Cities Power Partnership

In 2017 the City of Canning nominated to join the Cities Power Partnership which seeks to celebrate and accelerate the emission reduction and clean energy successes of Australian towns and cities to date.

The City will have 6 months from the July 2017 Launch to chose 5 key actions from the partnership pledge ranging from renewable energy, efficiency, transport and advocacy. At no cost, we will receive access to a national knowledge hub to assist with the implementation of emissions reductions projects and will be buddied with other participating councils to knowledge share.

Find out more about the actions the City of Canning is already taking on the Cities Power Partnership website here.

Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan

At the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 17 March 2015, the Council endorsed the signing of the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) Climate Change Declaration to acknowledge the existence of climate change, commit to act, set an emissions reduction target and develop an action plan that focuses on a two, five and ten year future.

As a result, the City has developed a Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan with the aim to:

  • Identify and prioritise climate change risks posed to Council operations, services and activities;
  • Identify existing controls (adaptation and mitigation);
  • Identify adaptation actions to improve the resilience of Council; and
  • Develop new climate change adaptation strategies and actions.

The key areas of risk identified are:

  • Impacts to the City’s natural assets (biodiversity and the environment);
  • Financial impacts, including increasing costs to the City and increased demand for City resources and expertise;
  • Health impacts to the City staff and the community; and
  • Disruption to the City service delivery (e.g. open space maintenance, disruption to community events).

Mitigation measures

In 2013 the City established a Utility Revolving Fund to invest in water and energy efficiency. Financial savings resulting from these investments are returned to the fund to provide for further efficiency improvements and ensuing financial sustainability. This has resulted in the following improvements:

  • Installation of solar hot water units in four City buildings;
  • Installation of solar panels on nine City buildings;
  • Installation of water efficient showerheads and taps at the Cannington and Riverton Leisureplex’s and the Civic and Administration Centre;
  • LED lighting upgrade at the Riverton Leisureplex and the Civic and Administration Centre Carpark; and
  • Modifications to the timing of air conditioning within the Civic and Administration Centre. 

For further information regarding this project contact City of Canning Sustainability Officer, on 08 6229 4435 or send an email.