There are plenty of exciting initiatives for those who want to get involved in sustainability.


The City has partnered with ClimateClever to help people calculate, track and reduce carbon emission. With many people now working from home, household utility bills are a growing concern. The ClimateClever Home app helps measure your home utility use and costs and identifies strategies to save you money. It also calculates and tracks your carbon emissions, so you can feel good about doing your bit for the planet too!

Sign up to ClimateClever for free and start tracking your emissions today.

Grow It Local

The City has partnered with Grow It Local to help educate and inspire more people to grow, share and eat. Growing your own food improves the health and wellbeing of ourselves, our communities and the planet. Benefits include:

  • positive mental health and wellbeing
  • access to healthy, fresh, nutrient-dense foods
  • increased physical activity
  • reconnecting with nature
  • stronger and more resilient communities.

Grow It Local is one of many local council initiatives designed to encourage sustainable living and food systems. It helps support waste education and divert organic waste from landfill.

Sign-up to Grow It Local for free to see what’s growing locally and connect with local growers and food lovers.

ReWild Perth

ReWild Perth is an initiative from Perth NRM to encourage people to provide native habitat in their gardens, courtyards or balconies.

The initiative aims to improve biodiversity and habitat across Perth. The team provide advice on how to build a sustainable garden in your home that is beautiful, eye-catching and attracts local wildlife.

Sign-up to ReWild for free to start your rewilding journey.

Switch Your Thinking

The City has partnered with Switch Your Thinking to support and inspire sustainable action through:

The initiatives helps the community cut waste, reduce energy and water use. Products available include pool covers, rainwater tanks, solar panels, electric bike accessories, worm farms, compost bins, insulation paint, green printing and energy and water audits.


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