Changing Your World Conference

This exciting event could be best described as: Disrupted meets Festival of Dangerous Ideas meets TEDX – conversations with a huge helping of creativity, collaboration and impactful energy.

The Changing Your World Conference provides an opportunity for key actors and emerging leaders in the sustainability space (government and business professionals, researchers and innovators, youth and the broader community) to network, learn about emerging innovations and technology, and co-design solutions to shared sustainability and impact management challenges for local government and the broader community.

The conference format was originally devised and delivered in 2020 and has now evolved into an exciting three-day biennial event for the City of Canning.


In 2022, owing to COVID impacts, the Changing Your World Conference was held entirely online! The theme for 2022 was ‘Owning our Impacts’. The theme aligns with the City of Canning's targets and aspirations for sustainability and aims to engage our citizens and stakeholders in the co-creation of imaginative, innovative, sustainable solutions. It is a call to action for our community to take individual responsibility for our impacts on the planet, and it's the perfect place to find the partners, supporters, networks and resources to create positive collective impacts and make real, enduring change.

For further information on the Sustainability Impact Goals please visit our Sustainability page.


This year the event was run across three days including:

  • YOUTH CONFERENCE on Wednesday 11 May - Friday 13 May in partnership with Millennium Kids, specifically for our younger community members
  • an ADULT CONFERENCE on Wednesday 11 May - Friday 13 May designed for government / local government environment and sustainability practitioners and the wider community to hack the wicked sustainability challenges for 21st Century local government - collaboratively
  • a super SPECIAL ONLINE DINNER EVENT on Wednesday 11 May (5pm-7pm) that is our creative approach to a gala dinner... right there in your own home (pre-purchased tickets only)
  • an IMPACT INNOVATORS AWARDS PRESENTATION NIGHT on Thursday 12 May (6pm-9pm) to recognise leaders in our community who are working towards a better world including world music entertainment, awards presentations and a hilarious hypothetical performance

For further information on the conference please visit the Changing Your World page.

Please feel free to contact us at for more information.

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