A community that feels healthy, safe and connected is better able to respond to challenges and contribute to the vibrancy of the City. ​

​At the City of Canning, we know that an engaged and informed community has the capacity to actively contribute to the cultural and social capital growth of our City. ​

We also know that providing capacity building, up-skilling and educational opportunities is key to embedding sustainability in our everyday lives supporting wellbeing within our communities. The City provides ongoing learning programs to ensure that our people have access to low cost, high quality learning opportunities that cater to all learning levels, year round.

Public Health Plan

The City of Canning has endorsed its first Public Health Plan, which focuses on a healthy, liveable and socially connected community for all. The plan will support the development of a healthy community, empowering people to have healthy lifestyles, be physically active and socially engaged. Actions in the plan will protect, promote and improve the health and wellbeing of the City of Canning community and help to reduce the incidence of preventable illness. The objectives of the plan include:

  • implement marketing and communication initiatives and programs that provide easy access to valuable health information and that helps the community make informed healthy choices

  • the benefits of and opportunities for physical activity are promoted and programs implemented leading to a community that is physically active

  • reduce harm within our community from alcohol and drug use

  • promote positive mental health and wellbeing through collaborative partnerships, supporting social opportunities and easy access to volunteering opportunities

  • to support community resilience and community safety projects and programs

  • provide best practice health protection services for the community and improve access to key public health information

  • target key environmental hazards and improve the environmental factors that impact on community health and wellbeing.

To view the Public Health Plan, please visit here

Cities of Armadale, Canning and Gosnells Alcohol Action Plan 2019-2022

The aim of the Alcohol Action Plan (AAP) is to reduce alcohol-related harm in the Cities of Armadale, Canning and Gosnells. The AAP outlines comprehensive strategies across different settings and target groups. It outlines new project opportunities as well as strategies that are already being implemented and often represent the core business of many of the organisations involved. The objectives of the plan include:

  • increase young people’s knowledge of the harms associated with underage drinking

  • increase young people’s resiliency skills

  • reduce the provision of alcohol to young people under 18 years of age

  • reduce the availability of alcohol to minors in and/or from licensed venues, packaged liquor outlets and sporting clubs

  • reduce young people’s exposure to alcohol advertising

  • reduce antisocial behaviour outside licensed venues

  • reduce the number of out of control gatherings occurring in private dwellings and at events

  • increase the community’s use of alcohol-related support services.

To view the Alcohol Action Plan, please visit here

Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan

The Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan provides a framework to address key local crime prevention priorities, actions and responsibilities. The action plan focuses on four fundamental focus areas:

  • raising community safety awareness through education and communication strategies

  • providing professional and efficient services to make our City a safe and healthy community in which to live and work

  • building facilitating and strengthening partnerships with government agencies and the local community to deliver community safety outcomes

  • designing out crime in the planning, design and management of places and spaces within the City.

To view the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan, please visit here


For further information and resources on being sustainable at home or in the community, please visit our Community Capital and Social Impact page. For further information and resources on being a sustainable business, please visit our Local Economy and Sustainable Business page.

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