A community that feels healthy, safe and connected is better able to respond to challenges and contribute to the vibrancy of the City.

Public Health Plan

The City of Canning's first Public Health Plan (PDF 7.3MB) focuses on developing a healthy, liveable and socially connected community for all.

Health is not just a matter of personal choices or individual circumstances. Our health is connected to how we live our lives, the opportunities we have available, and how our community functions.

The plan supports the development of a healthy community and empowers people to have healthy lifestyles, physical activity, and be socially engaged.

Actions in the plan will protect, promote, and improve the health and wellbeing of the City of Canning community and help to reduce preventable illness.

The plan recognises the actions the City takes to improve the health outcomes of the community and identifies opportunities to further improve community’s health and wellbeing.

Visit the Public Health Plan page to learn more.

Safe Canning Strategy

The Safe Canning Strategy (PDF 3.8MB) (the Strategy) provides the guiding structure for how the City will enhance community safety. It was developed following community and stakeholder consultation. Local crime statistics and demographics were also analysed. The Strategy is supported by the Safe Canning Strategy: Action Plan (PDF 1.2MB).

These documents highlight the City’s ongoing commitment to strengthen communities and partnerships. The goal is to:

  • improve safety
  • target crime and antisocial behaviour
  • address the issues that underpin crime and safety in our community.

Visit the Safe Canning Strategy page to learn more.


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