True sustainability and good governance requires the application of systems thinking, agility and continual learning to respond to rapid innovation in sustainable technology and achieve the City’s Smart City Vision. The City of Canning commits to staying abreast of global trends and modeling innovation in policy and practice. We take a key role in advocacy around reducing the policy, regulatory and financial barriers to accessing innovative sustainability solutions and strive to lead by example and empower employees and community to take a shared leadership approach to sustainability challenges and opportunities.

Sustainability Policy

The City has undertaken a review of its Sustainability Policy. Initially adopted in 2014, the policy articulates a set of clear commitments for the City to achieve. The newly adopted policy makes a strong, aspirational and inspiring commitment to sustainability – looking to the future of local government and its role as a community leader.

Canning is emerging as a proactive council in the sustainability space. The City is working towards embracing circular economy principles and moving away from a linear ‘take-make-waste’ model, which uses precious resources with no clear plan to keep those resources within the ecological and economic systems.

With our policy commitments as a guide, the City strives to become a Western Australian leader in circular economy-based management, sustainability and innovation within 10 years, embedding long-term efficiency into the fabric of the City’s built form and natural areas.

To view the Sustainability Policy, please visit here

Online Impact Tracking Platform (Impact Tracker)

The City is developing an Online Impact Tracking Platform (Impact Tracker) to input projects that the City is working on and track their impacts. This will enable the City to measure, evaluate and communicate local government achievement in sustainability as well as demonstrate progress towards the Sustainability Impact Goals.

Wharf Street Next Generation Park

In November 2018 the City of Canning was awarded a Smart Cities Grant to redevelop the Wharf Street detention basin into a ‘Smart Park’ - the Wharf Street Next Generation Community Park. The Wharf Street Next Generation Community Park is anticipated to be open to the community in June 2020.

Although the area will still perform its function as a drainage basin, the project proposes to remove the barrier fence around the basin. Works will be undertaken to improve water quality and facilities will be added to provide a safe space for the community to enjoy.

The Smart Cities Grant also provides the opportunity to apply smart design and incorporate new technology. This may include things like a living laboratory, smart lighting and walkways, and monitoring equipment to help us understand how people use public spaces and assist in improving water quality and the maintenance of the facilities. The City of Canning has awarded Josh Byrne & Associates with the landscape architecture contract to undertake the redevelopment.

For further information please visit our Wharf Street Next Generation Park page.


For further information and resources on being sustainable at home or in the community, please visit our Health, Wellbeing and Resilience page. For further information and resources on being a sustainable business, please visit our Local Economy and Prosperity page.

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