The City of Canning works hard to provide residents with the resources, initiatives and workshops suitable to become more sustainable at home.

Upcoming workshops and eventsSustainability Workshops - in text

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Rewards for ResidentsRewards for Residents - in text

The Rewards for Residents initiative supports residents in making their home more sustainable. A local government initiative that inspires sustainable action in the community, Switch Your Thinking, has partnered with local businesses to offer residents discounts on products that will help to cut waste, reduce energy and water use. Products include pool covers, rainwater tanks, solar panels, electric bike accessories, worm farms, compost bins, insulation paint, green printing and energy and water audits.

Claim your discount today! Visit Rewards for Residents on the Switch Your Thinking smart live smart guide

Sustainable Building and Living Guide

The City of Canning is committed to helping our residents live more sustainably at home and in the community. We have developed a Build Smart Live Smart guide to use when building or renovating and live in a home that is energy efficient, water wise, travel smart. Download a copy or pick one up from the admin building or a library near you.

Composting Subsidy

Did you know that WA is committed to reducing waste of all types by 50% by 2020? The City of Canning collects 4,286 tonnes of verge side green waste a year and a further 42,000 tonnes of waste from green top bins. Much of this goes to landfill but could be diverted from the waste stream or avoided altogether. To reduce waste sent to landfill the City is offering residents workshops and subsidies on composting and worm farming equipment. By helping residents compost their food scraps and garden material we can help you create healthy and waterwise gardens.

Composting Equipment - UNDER REVIEWcompost equipment - in text

The City is currently reviewing the process by which you can purchase composting equipment. Previously you were required to attend a workshop to purchase compost bins (220L), aerators, bokashi bins and bokashi mix. The new process will enable you to purchase equipment without having to attend a workshop. This is not currently available however the revised program will be launched with a composting workshop in the second half of the year.

If you would like to be notified when this will be available please email or sign up to our eNewsletter here.

Worm Cafe Subsidy

The City of Canning is offering residents a $110 subsidy off the purchase of a worm cafe, the subsidised price you need to pay is $115. As worm cafes need special care and failure can occur without proper instruction, worm cafes are only available for purchase when attending a workshop.

To find out when the next workshop is, visit our Events.

Decide what equipment is right for you



Compost bin (220L)

Ideal for homes or schools with an outdoor garden with some space as we recommend the twin bin method. Layer 'green' organic matter (fresh grass clippings, food and veggie scraps) with 'brown' matter (dried grass clippings, pruning’s and leaves). Keep warm, moist and aerated for efficient breakdown.


For turning and mixing compost or turning bokashi into the ground.

Bokashi Bucket

Ideal for apartments or homes with small gardens or workplaces. Takes all kitchen scraps including meat and dairy. You will need to add bokashi mix to ferment food. Produces a rich liquid that can be used as fertiliser or drain cleaner. Once full contents can be buried into soil where it will break down further and add nutrients to your soil.

Worm Cafe The Worm Cafe is made of recycled plastic and consists of 4 trays on legs with a tap. The package includes 1kg of Worms (approx. 4000), 15 litres of Castings and instruction booklet. Worms will work through most kitchen scraps, require a bit of attention and the cafe is best set up in shade where it can remain moist.

Bike Repair Stationsbike repair - in text

To support sustainable travel by bicycle the City has installed Bike repair stations at two popular locations: Cannington Leisureplex and Riverton Leisureplex

These stations are available for drop in's to perform routine maintenance. Each station has a foot operated bike pump and a series of equipment. Keep your bike running smoothly with these top tips!

For further details on any of the above items contact the City of Canning Sustainability Officer on 08 6229 4435 or send an email.

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