The City of Canning strives to support the development of healthy, thriving and sustainable local economies, and to embrace a circular economic model that looks beyond the linear ‘take-make-waste’ paradigm.

We recognise our potential to influence the local and the broader economy, and work with our supply chains and contractors to ensure our economic impact is more sustainable over time.

We support and nurture local innovation and social entrepreneurship to enable sustainable economic development that prioritises the creation of local employment opportunities.

Business Mentoring Program

The City is running a business mentoring program and will be sponsoring a number of participants to further develop themselves and their business. The City aims to match participants with an agency providing the best mentoring opportunity.

For further information please visit our Business Mentoring program page.

Rewards for Business

The Rewards for Business initiative supports businesses in becoming more sustainable. A local government initiative, Switch Your Thinking has partnered with local suppliers to offer businesses discounts on products to help cut waste and reduce energy and water use. Products include solar panels, insulation paint, green printing and small business energy and water audits.

Download the Rewards for Business brochure here

For further information on the Rewards for Business program, please visit here

Switched on Business Award

The Switched on Business Initiative is also run by Switch Your Thinking and aims to celebrate sustainability actions in local business. As a Switch Your Thinking member, the City of Canning is able to recognise and promote the efforts of a ‘Switched on Business’ within the City of Canning.

For further information on the Switched on Business Award, please visit here

Responsible Cafes

Switch Your Thinking has partnered with Responsible Cafes to encourage local cafes to sign up to the coffee bean rating challenge. From limiting single use plastics to making ethical purchasing decisions, there are many ways to be a Responsible Cafe. Cafes in Canning who sign up to the program are included on a national map of participating cafes on the Responsible Cafes website and will receive a batch of Switch Your Thinking KeepCups and posters for promotion.

Download your Proud to be a Responsible Cafe in Canning poster here

For further information on the Responsible Cafes program, please visit here

The Last Straw

Switch Your Thinking is partnering with The Last Straw to encourage local businesses to reduce plastic straws. Local venues that sign up will receive a great incentive pack including reusable straws and customer educational material to assist with the transition away from disposable plastic straws.

Download the Last Straw poster here

For further information on the Last Straw campaign, please visit here

Industrial Audit Program

The City undertakes a Light Industry Program to improve sustainable business practices in the community. The Light Industry Program is a joint initiative by the Department of Environment Regulation and the Department of Parks and Wildlife. The program is designed to improve the quality of the Swan and Canning River Catchments by reducing contaminants from light industrial and commercial activities.

Download the Light Industry program brochure here

For further information on the Light Industry program, please visit here

Green Stamp Accreditation Program

The City is working with the Motor Trade Association of Western Australia and the Print Industry Association to promote the Green Stamp Accreditation Program. The accreditation program informs businesses about best environmental management practices and will assist businesses to meet their obligations under the Light Industry Program.

For further information on the Green Stamp Accreditation program, please visit here

Canning Business Showcase

The City showcases inspiring stories about Canning Businesses on the website and in the Business in Focus eNewsletter.

For further information please visit our Canning Business Showcase page.

Business Events

To find out what’s on, please visit our Events page.


For further information and resources on being sustainable at home or in the community, please visit our Community Capital and Social Impact page.

For further information and resources for businesses in Canning, please visit our Business page.

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