The City of Canning strives to undertake land-use planning that takes an integrated, transit-oriented design approach to facilitate accessibility, mobility and sustainable local economic growth.

We integrate green infrastructure into the built and natural landscape to future-proof the City against potential impacts of climate change; including heat island effect, water management and drainage infrastructure pressures, energy and fuel poverty and mental and physical health impacts.

We acknowledge the importance of building, maintaining and improving our City facilities and assets to ensure operational efficiency and reduce the impact of current and future operations, and ensure their optimal operation by City staff and community users through appropriate education and support.

Strategic Community Plan

The Strategic Community Plan, Our City: Our Future was developed as a part of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework, the foundation of modern local government in Western Australia. The Strategic Community Plan is at the heart of this Framework. Our City: Our Future is created from the community’s values and ideas for the future of Canning and is the key tool guiding planning and priorities in the City 2017-2027.

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In order to create a more sustainable City that enables and encourages sustainable transport the City is seeking to provide medium-to-high density urban infill developments that are affordable and in close proximity to public transport. Current projects include:

Build Smart Live Smart Guide

The City of Canning is committed to helping our residents live more sustainably at home and in the community. We have developed a Build Smart Live Smart guide and checklist to use when building or renovating and to live more smartly across the key themes of design, materials, energy, water, waste, green space, and transport.

Download the Build Smart Live Smart Guide here


For further information and resources on being sustainable at home or in the community, please visit our Community Capital and Social Impact page. For further information and resources on being a sustainable business, please visit our Local Economy and Sustainable Business page.

Sustainability eNews

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