Climate change and increasing populations are putting pressure on water resources. Water is essential for the wellbeing of people and the environment.

The City undertakes programs and projects to move towards best practice water management. Improving water sensitivity will increase the City’s:

  • resiliency
  • liveability
  • productivity
  • sustainability.

Council Commitments

Water Sensitive Canning Vision

In May 2018, Council endorsed a Vision for a Water Sensitive Canning. This Vision provides direction on improving the City’s water sensitivity.

Work is underway to develop strategies and actions to achieve the Vision, and there will be opportunities for the Canning community to be involved.

Water Management

Water Management Strategy

The Water Management Strategy (PDF 14MB) provides a framework for the achievement of better water management outcomes, consistent with the overall vision and objectives of the City. The objectives include:

  • recognise the ecological, social and cultural importance of water
  • respond to the needs of the environment and community
  • educate and inform the community
  • promote innovative approaches to water management
  • protect and restore water quality, hydrological and ecological function of wetlands, waterways and groundwater systems
  • reduce water use overall and promote ‘fit-for purpose’ use of all available water resources
  • deliver functional and sustainable public open spaces.

Water Efficiency

Business as usual

As part of “business as usual” operations of the City of Canning, the following water wise practices are implemented:

  • installation of water fixtures that are WELS rated 3 star or higher
  • leak detection is undertaken as part of regular site inspections
  • bore water consumption is monitored through the use of water meters
  • innovative nutrient management of turf to reduce irrigation requirements and fertiliser use
  • ongoing monitoring and maintenance of irrigation systems
  • new parks are designed with low water use as a primary design principle
  • existing parks are progressively upgraded to encompass low water design principles
  • opportunities to reinfiltrate rainfall runoff to underground groundwater systems are assessed on an ongoing basis
  • community workshops on waterwise gardening and waterwise homes are offered at CREEC as part of the Community Learning Program
  • ​water audits of high consuming sites
  • restoration of degraded land areas to improve biodiversity, increase urban canopy, and reduce contamination of stormwater and groundwater
  • Industry Inspection Program, providing best practice advice to industrial businesses within the City to reduce discharges and improve stormwater runoff.

Waterwise Aquatic Centres

Cannington and Riverton Leisureplexes are accredited under the Waterwise Aquatic Centre Program, which recognises centres for their commitment to saving water.

Visit the Waterwise Aquatic Centre Program page to learn more.

Water Sensitive City

Waterwise Council Program

The City of Canning is a proud Gold Waterwise Council

The Waterwise Council Program is a collaboration between the Water Corporation and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. The program supports local governments to improve water efficiency in Council operations and community activities.

The City of Canning has been accredited as a Waterwise Council since 2017, and is proud to be endorsed as a Gold Waterwise Council every year since 2018. Being Gold Waterwise highlights our drive to improve liveability outcomes across the water cycle and help create a water sensitive city and community.

In 2019, the City of Canning was recognised as a Platinum Waterwise Council. To be recognised, councils must go beyond water efficiency and build sensitive water management.

As part of being a Gold Waterwise Council, the Water Corporation proudly co-funds our street tree planting program and waterwise demonstration projects through the Waterwise Greening Scheme.

Learn more by visiting the Waterwise Council Program website.

Major Projects

To achieve the “Vision for a Water Sensitive Canning”, we are incorporating water sensitive infrastructure and technology into current projects:


For information on being a waterwise school, visit Water Corporation's Waterwise Schools program page.

To become an endorsed waterwise developer, visit the Waterwise Development Program page.

For more sustainability information, subscribe to Sustainability eNews.

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