The City of Canning is proud to be a Gold Waterwise Council. The Water Corporation's endorsement is a celebration of the City's leadership in the sustainable use of water.

The Waterwise Council Program is a collaboration between the Water Corporation and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, to support local governments to improve water efficiency in Council operations and community activities.

Gold Waterwise status is recognition that the City is driving liveability outcomes across the water cycle and is making a valuable contribution in the creation of a water sensitive city and community.

Waterwise Projects

Lambertia Creek 

Lambertia Creek before rehabilitation

The City of Canning and the Water Corporation have undertaken a living stream project at Lambertia Park. The project was partially funded by a State Natural Resource Management Program grant and the South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare (SERCUL).

Water drains through Lambertia Park into the Canning River. The drainage channel was lined with lined with old baffle boards that were degraded and losing their ability to control erosion of the creek bank and regulate the flow of water. The channel banks were grassy with occasional paperbarks on the channel edges.

The Lambertia Park Living Stream Project removed the baffle boards, reduced the bank slope, installed rock riffles and revegetated the new banks with native plants. These actions will reduce soil erosion in the channel and protect the tree roots of the established paperbarks. Native seedlings will stabilise channel banks, act as filters to improve water quality and provide habitat for fauna from nearby areas.

The initial works rehabilitated the channel edges and lower banks. Over the next few years the City will undertake rehabilitation of the upper banks of the stream.

Lambertia Creek after rehabilitation

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