The City of Canning encourages applicants to not only submit their resume, but also a cover letter addressing the selection criteria. This ultimately ensures your application stands out above the rest.


The selection criteria describes the qualifications, knowledge, skills, abilities and experience a person needs to satisfactorily perform the role. They are used to identify the right person for the position.

There are two different types of selection criteria:

  • Essential criteria - mandatory for the candidate to have; and
  • Desirable criteria - important but not critical to have.

As you may be competing against many other applicants, you must meet all of the essential criteria to increase your chances of being shortlisted and progress through the recruitment process.

When addressing the selection criteria, it is important to:

  • Ensure you clearly understand what is meant by each criterion before preparing your response;
  • List each criteria in the same order as it appears in the position description;
  • Provide a clear and succinct statement against each selection criteria. We recommend approximately half a page for each criterion;
  • Use relevant examples to support your claims and be specific about what your role was in the example;
  • Edit, proofread and check there are no errors and you have answered all aspects of the criterion; and
  • Start working on your application early enough to ensure you submit it on time.

You may consider using the STAR model when structuring your answers:

Situation - provide a brief outline of the situation or setting;

Task - outline what you did;

Action - outline your approach; and

Result - describe the outcomes.

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