Office of the CEO

Leads and positively positions the City in the wider community. Includes the areas of:

  • Canning City Delivery Unit
    Guides and supports the successful delivery of key initiatives and programs supporting the strategic objectives of the City.
  • Stakeholder Relations
    Builds mutually beneficial relations between the organisation and the public community.
  • Legal Counsel
    Ensures the City is in the best legal position and provides legal advice and consultation
  • Innovation
    Provides the City with innovative ideas for future direction.
  • People & Performance and Workplace Health & Safety
    Effectively and efficiently supports the organisation to achieve its optimum performance through our people and protects the health and safety of all stakeholders on City sites from exposure to hazards and risks.

Canning Community & Commercial

Develops and activates a strong, healthy, vibrant and harmonious community and ensures the efficient and effective performance of the City and its assets. Includes the areas of:

  • Business Canning
    Strategically builds and sustains the City’s financial position through asset optimisation strategies and application of strong fiscal responsibility.
  • Connect Canning
    Positions the City as a leader in integrating end to end business through managing systems and ensuring the integrity of corporate knowledge and accountability, as well as ensures effective connection within the City and the community.
  • Enriching Canning
    Delivers and manages support services to the City’s diverse communities and activates a vibrant and harmonious community through events programs and services, including supported accommodation, community development, youth engagement, retirement and residential living, and community learning.
  • Governance Canning
    Ensures the City is governed in accordance with legislation, policy and best practice standards.
  • Land Utilisation
    Optimises the performance of the City’s land and built assets, including through tenancy management and real estate strategy, and portfolio management.

Canning Environment

Builds, constructs and maintains the City of Canning’s natural and built environment. Includes the areas of:
  • Build Canning  
    Through community consultation and strategic works programmes aligned to long term City objectives, Build Canning designs, builds, renews and manages the City's built environment, encompassing infrastructure relating to transport/movement, accommodation, lighting and engineered sustainability.
  • Clean Canning  
    Ensures safe, clean and appealing infrastructure and open spaces to maximise their use and life, including waste management, fleet management and depot administration, asset maintenance and cleaning.
  • Parks & Place Improvement Canning  
    Preserves and enhances the City's public open space, streetscapes and conservation areas for the wellbeing of the community and the environment.

Canning Sustainable Development

Plans and delivers place design for an innovative, contemporary and sustainable City of Canning. Includes the areas of:

  • Healthy Canning
    Supports and promotes the health and wellbeing of City residents and locations through building approvals and public health and amenity services.
  • Liveable Canning
    Develops and maintains systems and guidelines that streamline the statutory processes for development, subdivision and rezoning propsals, and sets out eh future strategic land use vision for the City. 
  • Safe Canning
    Supports the wellbeing of the City through rangers, community safety, community education, emergency services and animal control.
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