Canning, a welcoming and thriving City

The City of Canning is committed to its vision of being welcoming and thriving.  At the City we are committed to delivering on this vision and align our activities with our values.
Our values are Authentic, Resilient, Creative & Collaborative and we have articulated behavioural expectations which support these values.
City of Canning Authentic icon
  • We will build genuine relationships
  • We will be responsible in our actions and commitments
City of Canning Resilient icon
  • We will embrace challenges to encourage our people to thrive
  • We will support each other’s wellbeing
City of Canning creative icon
  • We will share our innovative thinking
  • We will have the courage to welcome and try new ideas
City of Canning collaborative icon
  • We will work together as one team
  • We will share our success and knowledge to thrive
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