The City of Canning incorporates a commitment to invest in our staff as a clear driver of an organisational culture.


The City’s 1000 employees are our most important assets and we are proud to offer a wide range of growth opportunities for staff.


The City of Canning aims to provide our community with the highest quality customer service by promoting an atmosphere of cooperation and teamwork. The City seeks to provide employees with programs and training which fosters communication and recognition of a job well done. We encourage employees to become part of our high performing departmental teams or get involved with opportunities to be part of our cross functional project teams.

Continued advancement

As you acquire new skills and build your experience in our local government, the City will provide you with opportunities to step into higher duties; the opportunity to get involved in project-based teams; the ability to transfer to other departments; the ability to complete secondments; and promotions. We have many long-term employees who have enjoyed the range of opportunities the City has to offer.

Professional growth

The City of Canning ensures all employees are continually strengthening their skillset and developing as individuals. Employees are encouraged to actively pursue new opportunities to grow, develop and engage in advanced learning. Whether it is through the City’s in-house training, off site TAFE programs or through our study assistance programs for relevant tertiary level studies, the City will help you towards your professional goals.

Personal growth

The City of Canning’s values were chosen by staff and are the guiding principles of how we work and interact with each other and our customers. We value the diversity and backgrounds of our entire workforce and encourage personal growth between employees in their daily interactions. By providing a safe and supportive workplace, our employees have the opportunities to grow on a personal level whilst at work. The City of Canning has ultimately made a fundamental commitment to provide every employee with the best support possible that matches his or her values, strengths and goals in life. City staff are also encouraged to take time off to participate in volunteer activities to give back to the community.

At the City of Canning, our people matter. We want to inspire you to be the best you can be and will ultimately help you achieve that.

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