Information on the City's planned tender processes for the financial year

The City operates in a number of markets, through a variety of procurement processes to purchase a range of goods, services or works. The expenditure in these markets or on the required goods, services or works can vary according to organisational need, and year by year.

Under the Local Government (Functions and General) Regulations 1996, Part 4, Division 2, Regulation 11, the City is required to undertake a public tender if the consideration under the contract is, or is expected to be, more than $250,000 (GST exc) over the contract term unless a legislated exemption is to be used. Such exemptions include the use of Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) Preferred Supplier Panels, or State Government of Western Australia Common Use Agreements (CUA).

This Annual Procurement Plan is released in order to better demonstrate to the market what, when, and how the City is expecting to undertake these tenders to improve market awareness as to requirements, and to ensure the City's procurement function is transparent, fair and accountable.

The forward contracting schedule is separated into two (2) sections, being those requiring a public tender and those which will utilise a legislated exemption. These two (2) sections are further separated into three subsections, based on expected contract value.

This document is not expected to encompass all of the City’s requirements, with any requirement under $250,000 being undertaken in line with the requirements of the City’s Procurement Policy, with a relevant number of quotations sought.

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