The City of Canning's New ERP System is Now Live.

The City of Canning has shfted to a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform known as 'OneCouncil' to increase efficiency, streamline business process and improve collaboration with our suppliers. The new ERP was implemented as planned on April 30th 2018.

As a result of this implementation, a number of the City's business rules with its suppliers and contractors have changed.

The Business Rule Changes are summarised below:

Changes to Purchase Orders

  • All goods and services will be ordered under a new purchase order format

    • Where the supplier has received an order in the previous system which is not yet complete, this will be re-raised within the new system for the outstanding items

      • Invoices for remaining quantities are to reference the new purchase order number

  • The City’s purchase order numbers will be reset, and begin as PU000001/0

    • The number after the ‘/’ denotes the backorder number, which will increase as backorders are issued for unreceived stock – this is not a new purchase order

  • Purchase orders confirmations, amendments, back orders and cancellations will be sent to a supplier’s nominated email address automatically, in a PDF format

  • The delivery date nominated on the purchase order will be the latest date the shipment is to arrive at the designated delivery location

    • Should this delivery date be unachievable, the supplier must advise the City within two (2) business days of purchase order confirmation with the revised date

    • Continuously late deliveries may affect the suppliers standing with the City

  • Suppliers are to review each purchase order to ensure it reflects the manner in which the quotation was provided and is appropriately itemised as such

    • Where a purchase order does not reflect the quote provided, the supplier should reject the order and ask the City officer to amend accordingly

Changes to Receivables

  • Suppliers must not deliver any goods or provide a service without a City system generated purchase order number. Continuously providing goods or services to City officers without an official purchase order may affect the suppliers standing with the City.

  • All goods delivery shipments must include a packing list which references the purchase order number, and the line number from that order of the goods being delivered

  • Suppliers must not ship quantities in excess of the quantity on the purchase order, if additional quantities are required, the purchase order will be amended by the City to reflect the new quantity and reissued prior to delivery

  • Any rejected goods must be collected by the supplier at their own cost, if they are required to be replaced, a back order will be issued

Changes to Invoices and Payments

  • ALL invoices must:

    • be sent to and not directly to the requesting officer

    • Reference the City’s system generated purchase order number and purchase order line number

    • Not be consolidated across purchase orders

  • Where the invoice is requested to be sent to a City Officer, they are to be included as a cc recipient only.

  • Any invoice which does not reference a City system generated purchase order number will not be processed for payment, and instead returned for correction, including a revised invoice date.

  • The City’s terms are 30 days from receipt of a correctly rendered invoice, unless otherwise agreed in a signed contract.

    • Early payments may be made at the absolute discretion of the City, and will be wholly reliant on a early payment discount being offered.

  • All invoices issued to the City of Canning must be a valid tax invoice as per the Australian Taxation Office requirements and guidelines

  • Invoices must be appropriately itemised as per the quotation to show the unit description, quantity and accepted rate in line with the purchase order provided

    • Invoices which do not match this format will be considered incorrectly rendered and returned for correction.

Please ensure key members of your organisation who process purchase orders and invoices are fully aware of these changes.

Thank you for your continued relationship with the City of Canning.

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